About Me....

Native of south Alabama who in my later years is working toward a degree in Elementary Education and striving to become a math teacher. I have a large family with Mom and Dad, brothers, nephews, a niece, one daughter with one son and something on the way. There's grand kids and great grand kids.
I have always been a big fan of science and I like some math games, the ones I can figure out. I have a broad outlook on life and I thoroughly enjoy the beach. I love the beautiful sunsets from my front yard and I also love my big beautiful American Bulldog Sadie.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


picture of the learning pyramid
Learning is an ongoing process that to fully appreciate one must utilize for years. Even now is my slightly advanced age I am still in the same stage of the learning process that I was in 30 years ago, I just have acquired more knowledge. To really understand the learning process, you have to ask yourself do you derive any pleasure from it? The answer should be not always, but when you are not forced to learn something for school, then every thing else you learn can be for fun.
Learning can also be a passion, just the knowledge of some other trade or craft can be rewarding in itself. I hope that most if not all of my future students will catch a passion for learning from me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


picture of a sun set on a long straight road
My goal is to take the experiences and lessons I have learned in life and apply them in ways to instill a love for learning to as many children as I can.
I hope to bring to these children a fondness for knowledge in such they will want to learn just to broaden their horizons. I want for my students to have in them a love of nature, science and math while including literature as the learning tool.


picture of a book
I consider myself to have been around for quite some time, and in this time I have had a few different occupations from outside work to office work. In these jobs I have made many friends and met many people and in doing so I have gained a lot of experience in different backgrounds of people and I will use this knowledge with the character traits I have developed and the teaching tools I am learning now to be an educator.


picture that says Attitude is a Decision
I have a very strong attitude about many numerous things and one thing is reading. I love to read about new things from technology to math to science. Also I have learned through life that a strong attitude can help you accomplish many things if you also have a strong will. So, I would like to say I will try my best to instill a strong attitude about learning to my students.

Technology In Learning

picture of the Medal of Technology
After having some time in Dr. Stranges' edm310 class learning how to start and maintain a personal learning network, I have found a vast amount of information on how people throughout the world are sharing knowledge. This class has been a eye opener for me and I am looking forward to applying this knowledge in the classroom.
One of the things I like the most out of this class is seeing how much fun children are having while they are learning to make pod casts and use computer games in the learning process. Again, I am really looking forward to using this technology.
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